Napoleon Hill on Thoughts

The following is taken from the audio recording; “The Science of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill” (Track 9 around the 4:49 mark)

“Every brain is both a broadcasting station and a receiving station for the transmission of thought.”

I am going to paraphrase what Hill said after that quote as I was listening to this recording while working out at the gym today.

Basically, what are your thoughts focused upon? If your thoughts are focused upon lack, disease, worry, and other negative items, you’ll be in vibration/resonance with everyone who is also thinking similar thoughts. Not only will you be affected by what these people are thinking but you’ll literally be receiving their thoughts. Hill said that some of these thoughts could be so ugly/nasty that you’ll wonder where they ever came from. On the opposite end of the pole, if you are thinking thoughts of love, happiness, peace, contentment, prosperity, then you’re in alignment with everyone who is also thinking in this same manner.

Choose your thoughts from the positive end of the pole! (This is me talking now) Spend some time every day thinking thoughts of love, happiness, and joy. David Hawkins, the author of Power vs. Force said that a few positive thoughts are more powerful then something like thousands of negative thoughts. A few minutes spent in contemplation of that which is good will have a tremendous impact upon your psyche and life.

Ishmael Tetteh, the great African mystic, said that sometimes you will be in a good mood and for no reason you will suddenly start feeling angry. Up until that point you were not thinking any thoughts of anger. Tetteh said that what is happening is that someone you are in resonance with; husband, wife, friend, lover, is thinking angry thoughts and these are effecting you. He said if this happens you are to do the following. Say to yourself; “I take these thoughts of (insert negative thought) and replace them with (insert positive thought) and return them to their source.” For instance if you are feeling angry, you can say “I take these thoughts of anger and I replace them with thoughts of love and return them to their source.” This is a very powerful exercise and can save you from experiencing the negative emotions of others.

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